The Right Tool For Your Job

FTC Industries continually reinvests in new technology and operates a close “technology watch” on advances in production and material technologies in order to understand and implement any developments that can enhance existing manufacturing techniques. We also offer design support and assembly of products as specified by your requirements.

Below is a listing of major equipment.

Mazak Nexus Quickturn 250
Leadwell T-7
Leadwell T-6
Leadwell T-5
Hyundai 18F
Hyundai 15F
Mori-Seiki SL1
Ikegai AX25
Mazak QTS250
Mazak QT20
Mazak QT20 HP
Hitachi Seiki HiT-20S
Haas ST-20
Haas ST-30
Mori Seiki SL-2
Mori Seiki CL-25
2 each VF-2 – table 30″ x 16″ x 20″
1 each VF-2 with 4th axis capabilities – table 30″ x 16″ x 20″
1 each Cincinnati 1250 table 50″ x 20″ x 22″
2 x Haas VF-3
Haas VF-5
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What Sets Us Apart?

With a foundation built around quality, FTC Industries is ISO 9000 compliant and will apply Statistical Process Controls when needed, ensuring parts are machined to the tightest tolerances, with less scrap/waste.
Our production and process efficiencies allow us to provide very competitive pricing. New customers are pleasantly surprised when they reach out to us for our same day pricing.
Have a tight deadline? The team at FTC Industries is here Monday through Friday, 20 hours each day. When most other shops are asleep, we’re hard at work, ensuring we exceed our customers’ expectations.
We’re committed to your success and can handle anything you throw at us. Need a small part run? Long run? Exotic materials? Need part finishing, or heat treating? Design assistance? We’ve got it covered.