The quality of every product produced by FTC Industries, Inc. is of primary importance and is supported by the knowledge of how quality relates to the customers’ overall needs. The foundation and motivation of the principle owner of FTC Industries was to provide to the market World Class products at a value-added pricing structure. A quality system is implemented based on the latest technological advances and includes software and hardware, such as a CMM. Quality is a cornerstone, and is reflected in the tools and instruments provided to each employee; tools which can be traced to NIST and meet certification schedules as set forth by ISO9000 and MIL-STD-45208A.

FTC has continued to expand its quality system by implementing check sheets filled out by operators on critical dimensions and tight tolerances. Every machined part has a degree of quality checks commensurate with its level of difficulty.

Descriptive Statistics are used as necessary, and reports are generated indicating a part’s Cp and Cpk, along with Historgram charts as needed. A CMM and its associated software capture data relevant to quality levels required.

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What Sets Us Apart?

With a foundation built around quality, FTC Industries is ISO 9000 compliant and will apply Statistical Process Controls when needed, ensuring parts are machined to the tightest tolerances, with less scrap/waste.
Our production and process efficiencies allow us to provide very competitive pricing. New customers are pleasantly surprised when they reach out to us for our same day pricing.
Have a tight deadline? The team at FTC Industries is here Monday through Friday, 20 hours each day. When most other shops are asleep, we’re hard at work, ensuring we exceed our customers’ expectations.
We’re committed to your success and can handle anything you throw at us. Need a small part run? Long run? Exotic materials? Need part finishing, or heat treating? Design assistance? We’ve got it covered.